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LK Fitness & Therapy, LLC offers a highly qualified team of professionals who will provide you with one on one attention in the home, office or fitness center. We aim to help you expediently achieve your goals in an environment you find motivating and comfortable.

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Owner and Director of LK Fitness & Therapy, LLC

Dr. Leonid Klichinsky PT, DPT is the Director and Owner of LK Fitness & Therapy LLC. He graduated from Temple University in 2012 with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy. He also received his Bachelors of in Kinesiology from Temple University in 2009.
Dr. Klichinsky, who's patient's typically call him Dr. Lenny,   specializes in treating orthopedic conditions with a focus on treating arthritis pain, musculoskeletal pain and Spine Pain using the McKenzie Method. He also specializes in fall prevention and treatment of Gait Dysfunction. Dr. Lenny is well versed in various forms of manual therapy and performs various types of focused massage, joint mobilization and manual traction techniques. Fitness and Health is a passion of Lenny and he has more than 15 years experience as a personal fitness trainer.
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DR. KELLY GASPER PT, DPT LSVT-Big Certified, Rock Steady Boxing Coach

Kelly Gasper, PT, DPT is a physical therapist at LK Fitness & Therapy. She received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from Thomas Jefferson University in 2017. She also holds a bachelors degree in public relations and business management from Temple University. Dr. Gasper specializes in the treatment of individuals with neurological movement disorders particularly Parkinson’s Disease/atypical Parkinsonisms, and Huntington Disease. She is also an expert in the treatment of balance disorders and gait abnormalities. Kelly is certified in LSVT- BIG as well as Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinson’s disease.
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Dr. Charles specializes in orthopedic and spine physical therapy treatment. He has a passion for building deep and fun relationships with clients while providing individualized quality care. Charles completed a one year Bible certificate program at Philadelphia Biblical University before receiving his Kinesiology degree from Temple University. He then received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Widener University in 2019. While attending Temple Charles was a member of the Division I Men’s Gymnastics team and he continues to stay involved with the gymnastics community through physical therapy webinars, classes, and occasional coaching.
Charles specializes in evaluation and treatment using the McKenzie Method, also known as Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment (MDT). This method of treatment is globally recognized for its effectiveness; initially developed for spinal treatment and then found incredibly beneficial for shoulders, hips, knees, and other joints in the body. Having completed over 16 days and 96 hours of advanced education and training in MDT Charles possesses an expertise difficult to find anywhere else. This expertise combined with his background in fitness and athletics makes Charles an effective physical therapist for a wide variety of clients.