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Meet Dr. Leonid Klichinsky, PT, DPT, Founder of LK Fitness & Therapy, LLC. Dr. Klichinsky specializes in orthopedic and spine care using the McKenzie method and manual therapy, pain management, fall prevention, home safety, and helping the elderly age in place. He is also an expert in fitness and wellness program development.

Dr. Klichinsky, who is affectionately known as Dr. Lenny by his patients, earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Temple University in 2012 after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology in 2009. Kinesiology is the study of human movement which laid the foundation for his future studies.

With nearly two decades of experience in fitness and wellness, Dr. Lenny has worked within the YMCA and JCC community centers, as well as at Body Dynamics Fitness Center but currently focuses on home visiting fitness and wellness programs. Throughout his career, he has held certifications, including the YMCA Fitness Coach Certification and the AAAI-Fitness Trainer Certification.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Dr. Lenny channels his passion into a range of hobbies. He’s an avid enthusiast of activities like working out, gardening, hydroponics, aquaponics and growing microgreens on his kitchen counter. Furthermore, he holds the title of Shodan, a first-degree black belt, granted by The Shotokan Japanese Karate Federation. At home, he dedicates time to researching topics related to physical therapy, health, fitness, gardening and technology. His greatest joy, however, comes from spending time with his family, which includes his wife,  daughter and their beloved cat named TushTush.