%Mobile Physical Therapies%LK Fitness & Therapy
%Mobile Physical Therapies%LK Fitness & Therapy

Dr. Leonid Klichinsky PT, DPT and the LK Fitness & Therapy Team provide Mobile Physical Therapy, Fitness and Wellness Services in the Comfort, Privacy and Safety of Your Home or Office. We are based out of Warminster PA and cover NE Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery Counties. We specialize in treating back and neck pain, joint pain, balance programs, post surgical rehab and much more.

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%Mobile Physical Therapies%LK Fitness & Therapy
Oksana Fomina
I strongly recommend dr Lenny, he worked with my 93 years old mom after she had a stroke and was left side paralyzed. Thanks to dr Lenny’s personalized professional approach, my mom is showing very visible progress as far as her mobility and strengthening. We are very thankful to dr Lenny what he is doing for my mother, in addition to high professional skill , dr Lenny is a very nice delightful person , and my mom always is waiting for his visit.
%Mobile Physical Therapies%LK Fitness & Therapy
Rozalia Stepanova
I want to note the professionalism, experience and individualized treatment approach to the patient from Dr. Leonid Klichinsky. Thank You LK Fitness & Therapy!
%Mobile Physical Therapies%LK Fitness & Therapy
Alex V
Lenny has a professional approach to the trade he does !
%Mobile Physical Therapies%LK Fitness & Therapy
Great doctor! Had sciatica problem & barely could move. Lenny patiently explained each exercise & made sure it's done right. Result speaks by itself - I feel better & better each day.
%Mobile Physical Therapies%LK Fitness & Therapy
Polena Krass
Lenny considerably helped in my daughters recovery! He created a personalized treatment program. Was able to thoroughly explain why her problem existed and was diligent in tracking her performance and progress. Truly "Best of The Best" physical therapist I have ever had the pleasure to know, attitude, kindness, personal touch and expertise are unprecedented. A true professional that I will recommend time and time again.
%Mobile Physical Therapies%LK Fitness & Therapy
Len Minkovsky
LK Fitness & Therapy was an excellent place to receive physical therapy. DR. Lenny worked with me on multiple issues with the back and TMJ. It took only few sessions until I start feeling better. He tailors his approach to your specific condition and explains in detail how each exercise or treatment can help improve your health. If anyone needs physical therapy I strongly recommend DR. Lenny.
%Mobile Physical Therapies%LK Fitness & Therapy
Ellen Rosenberg
Dr Lenny has been life changing for my mom. Prior to working with Lenny, she had severe debilitating pain in her neck which impacted her standing, sitting and comfort. Lenny creatively engages my mom in new exercises and activities each session. She always leaves the session having learned something new that she can incorporate into her day. Not only is he an incredibly knowledgeable, effective and excellent PT, but he also is a wonderful person.
%Mobile Physical Therapies%LK Fitness & Therapy
Milia Goldenberg
He is the best therapist , he helped me a lot. I couldn’t drive without a real pain now I am free of pain and enjoy a driving. Thank you. He is very nice person!!!!
%Mobile Physical Therapies%LK Fitness & Therapy
Анжелика Angel
Very respectful and responsible employees. If you need physio procedures, contact Leonid, he will help you.


%Mobile Physical Therapies%LK Fitness & Therapy

A Doctor of Physical Therapy that comes to you.

%Mobile Physical Therapies%LK Fitness & Therapy

Do You want to gain results in the comfort of your Home or Office?

%Mobile Physical Therapies%LK Fitness & Therapy

 Easy Access Telehealth Sessions.


Our goal is to improve your quality of life using a fusion of current best evidence, years of experience and a gentle-progressive approach. We are excellent at what we do, just check out our live reviews.

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy come to you in the privacy and comfort of your home (or office). You get the convenience of no waiting rooms and no travel time, while getting the individualized care you need to make optimum progress towards your rehabilitation goals.

We bring a comfortable treatment table and all equipment to you as needed. We have bands, pulleys, weights, balance pads, suspension trainers, body blades and more available to bring to you.


Spine, Orthopedic & Nerve

Herniated Discs


Spinal Stenosis

 Sprains & Strains




Tendonitis & Bursitis

General Stiffness

Carpel Tunnel



Post - Surgical, Pre - Hab & Post - Hab

Total Hip Replacement

Total Knee Replacement

Shoulder Replacement 

Rotator Cuff Repair

Spinal Surgeries 

Pre-Surgical PT  & Conditioning

Post- Therapy Transitional Programs

Maintenance Programs


Mobility, Balance & Neurological

Difficulty Walking or Transfering

Poor Balance/ Fear of Falling 

Post Stroke


 Multiple Sclerosis

Cerebral Palsy




%Mobile Physical Therapies%LK Fitness & Therapy